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Review Scale

CONQUEST Review Scale

CONQUEST uses the 100-point scale, ranging from 0.1-10. This allows us to provide a more in-depth score that gives you greater context. If the game or film is good, how good is it? Maybe it just scraped the mark or perhaps surpassed it and almost became great.


  • 0-0.9 – What the deuce? (Simply a broken game that underperforms in 99% of areas.)
  • 1-1.9 – Shit the Bed! (Quite literally shit the bed)
  • 2-2.9 – Trainwreck (They fluffed it, somebody dropped the ball, design team had a hangover, producer was out that day)
  • 3-3.9 – Terrible (Avoid at all costs)
  • 4-4.9 – Bad (Not worth it, underperforms)
  • 5-5.9 – Bargain Bin (See it discounted heavily? Give it a go!)
  • 6-6.9 – Average (Has some positive defining moments but also some letdown’s)
  • 7-7.9 – Good (Enjoyable and worth the time)
  • 8-8.9 – Great (Worth the money)
  • 9-9.9 – Excellence (A game you can’t afford to miss.)
  • 10 – PERFECT CONQUEST (The perfect game which is the ultimate CONQUEST)
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