Pokemon Quest has been announced for the Nintendo Switch and it has also been revealed that it is available today. If that wasn’t good enough, it’s free to start. The news came about at The Pokemon 2018 Video Game Press Conference.

Players will be able to face off against Pokemon in the wild and embark on exciting expeditions. It takes place on Tumblecube Island and is very reminiscent of Minecraft in terms of its cube visuals. You will be able to battle Pokemon, gather treasure and befriend Pokemon to form a team of up to three.

Special items called Power Stones can be used to strengthen your team and you will decide which characteristics your Pokemon will have.

Your team will move around on their own and will auto charge at enemies that cross their path. You will be able to control your party by tapping the Switch screen to make them move or attack.

A mobile version is also on the way later this summer.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.