After numerous sessions on the Test Server, the second map is now ready to make its long awaited appearance. I must admit I was shocked to find that PUBG mobile had gotten the new map before the Xbox One version despite being released months behind.

Miramar (the new map) slated to release on May 24th first appeared on the PC release last year, offering a surprisingly different experience from the former, Erangel. You could say the new battle arena is set somewhere along the Mexican boarder, it’s almost at the opposite end of the spectrum when compared to Erangel.

The drastic change in scenery introduces the largest settlement by a good margin, Los Leones. The numerous smaller settlements feel more alive too; more buildings, debris, burnt out vehicles, boxes, fences… just makes it feel more natural. There is a large military base to the north-east and prison to the south-west, both are prime locations for gear and equipment. Our favourite drop zone is Pecado, it’s central on the map, always has vehicles and never short of weapons. Guaranteed to have company here too so if you’re like me and want to get stuck in right away with a firefight, this is the place to land.

PUBG on Xbox One Game Preview is currently £24.99 and also totes enhancements for Xbox One X.

Published by Michael Jones.