The upcoming major update called NEXT for No Man’s Sky will be launching for free on all platforms, including when it launches on Xbox One, on July 24th. If that wasn’t enough we are finally getting the “full multiplayer experience” with the Xbox version launching with it and it will be heading to PC and PlayStation 4 too.

During the Inside Xbox event, Director of No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray joined the stage and divulged some key details on the new multiplayer experience. Players can expect to team up with each other in either small or large groups, you are not limited to friends only either, being able to join forces with random travellers in multiplayer with the goals to either survive or attack others.

Base building can take place in a shared online universe, allowing players to take part in space dogfighting, race vehicles and build custom racetracks for their friends.

So it would seem some promises are finally going to be fulfilled with the release of the NEXT update, is it too little too late? Let us know what you think.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.