Today, April 24th 2018, Quantic Dream released a demo for their upcoming release, Detroit: Become Human for PlayStation 4. I eagerly jumped in after years of waiting and to be honest, my expectations have so far been blown away. This has now brought me to wanting to write a piece about it sharing my thoughts and opinions for what I believe could be the second home-run for PlayStation this year.

The demo features the ‘Hostage’ mission, first shown during the E3 2016 trailer. Connor is an android from CyberLife who comes in as a negotiator with the objective to talk down an android turned rogue and rescue a little girl. Instantly, I am hooked, it has its claws in me and is not letting up. The first scene shows Connor in an elevator on his way up to the crime scene whilst flipping a coin around in his hands. It was at this point I spoke out loud, ‘this is cool’, watching this android behave like a human, building this belief that the tech available at the time the game is set is high-end and it works fantastically.


The immersion just constantly grows from there, interactions with other characters, the way the camera follows you and looks in on an area and what can only be described as outstanding visuals in both resolution quality but in level and character design as well. I don’t want to go too much into it and use up all my thoughts before even getting the full game and before doing my review, don’t want to give all my thoughts away sort of speak.

When it comes to the mission itself, the routes you can take, possible outcomes etc, the more I am in awe of the game design and just how much thought was put in to creating an experience that can be different from player to player. I replayed the scene numerous times so I could try and get every possible clue, route and ending. This is something I don’t really do in similar choice driven titles but I found the narrative so interesting that I just had to know, how else could this story turn out making me invest my emotions and time into these characters and not just Connor, but the antagonist Daniel too.


This demo has only cemented my interest and anticipation for Quantic Dream’s newest game and in fact even amplified my hype level for it. Of course, I am aware that demos are designed to show the game in their best light, but from what I have witnessed thus far, Detroit is delivering on all key areas, story, characters, visuals, sound design, gameplay etc. Unfortunately for me, it is still the month long wait until the final release, but I am confident it will be worth it. God of War has proved to been a great start for the ‘big three’ Sony releases this year, with Detroit to follow suit in May and Spider-Man in September, the rest of 2018 is looking bright for PlayStation gamers.

Detroit: Become Human releases for PlayStation 4 on May 25th. Check out the demo which I tried to keep as spoiler free as possible in hopes you can enjoy it more yourselves.

Written by Rhys Baldwin.