Two new protagonists have been revealed for the upcoming RPG from Square Enix and Acquire, Octopath Traveler. Both characters were features in the latest preview trailer for the game.

H’aanit is the Hunter, who sets off on a journey in search of her master, her path action is Provoke which allows her to sick beasts on foes to goad them into combat, chase off troublemakers or unblock paths.

Therion the Thief embarks on a journey after becoming hired help for a mysterious client. His path action is steal allowing him to acquire valuable items otherwise unavailable or procure goods with the hopes of suitable rewards.

It was also shown that path actions fall into one of two categories, Noble and Rogue. The Noble actions can be executed without failure but can also be used by fulfilling certain requirements. Rogue actions can be used at any time but will potentially damage your reputation should you fail.

Octopath Traveler is set to release on Nintendo Switch, July 13th with a free demo already available. It still remains one of my most anticipated titles this year thanks to its unique art style and interesting characters, consider me excited.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.