Boss Key Productions have unveiled their latest project which comes in the form of a free-to-play battle-royale game called Radical Heights. Players have next to no time to wait, being able to play the game in early access starting today, April 10th.

With the X-treme Early Access, you shape the future of the game, with going updates, patches and real-time feedback implementation, the community will help guide development decisions during the journey to its full release in 2019.

Radical Heights takes the form of a game show in which contestants face off against each other with the hopes to win big. Dynamic game show moments can occur at random throughout each match and can be different from one game to the next, spin the wheel, open a prize door, go for the cash-grab or maybe just wait for someone else to.


In-game cash carries over into future matches! Play matches, collect that sweet cold cash, kill enemy contestants, interact with game show elements which allow for more acquisition of ‘moolah’ for your personal prize room, or put the cash in your wallet to help buy a weapon in the next game faster than your opponents.

Gadgets are included and take the form of workout trampolines, inflatable decoys, confetti bombs and more.

Upon first glance, this sounds very much up my alley and I am excited to get my hands on Radical Heights when it releases later today on Steam.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.