Bethesda Softworks has announced the next chapter of the award-winning online RPG from ZeniMax Online Studio’s in, The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. The chapter will send players to the incredible Isle of Summerset to explore the home of the High Elves, something not done since The Elder Scrolls: Arena, back in 1994.

With a massive and vibrant new zone, an epic main story, a new skill line based on the Psijic Order, and the introduction of Jewelry Crafting, this new content offers an expansive instalment for both new and veteran players alike.

ESO: Summerset comes filled with new features and challenges:-

  • A New Zone: Summerset Isle, a uniquely beautiful land that’s an even larger addition than last year’s massive Vvardenfell from ESO: Morrowind.
  • An Epic Main Story: More of ESO’s award-winning story concludes the Daedric drama that began in 2015’s Orsinium DLC.
  • The Psijic Order: For the first time in an Elder Scrolls game, join the mysterious Psijic Order and explore their secretive home city of Artaeum.
  • New Skill Line: Master the magic of the mages of the Psijic Order to gain a new combat skill line and wield control over time itself.
  • Jewelry Crafting: ESO’s latest crafting skill allows players to create powerful gear for their characters.
  • New Group PvE Challenges: Players can band together to face the challenges of Cloudrest, a new 12-player Trial, new Delves and Bosses, and other content including the Abyssal Geysers.

New Players can start a character and jump right into the new chapter without having to complete previous ESO content. A fresh tutorial and starter area will get them up-and-running quickly, ready to save Tamriel from the Daedric conspiracy.

Current Players can upgrade to ESO: Summerset and take their existing characters into the new zone, or, start out with a fresh warrior if they wish.

Several pre-order and pre-purchase options are available allowing players to earn amazing rewards, and even immediate access to existing content when they buy the game. Depending on the version purchased, a player can unlock in-game bonuses. For all details on the various edition’s you can read them here.

There is currently an ESO Free Play Event available until 27th March on PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.