That’s right, another Nindies Showcase has arrived and has given us a look at what Indie titles Switch gamers can expect in the coming months. All titles they announced have a release window within 2018.

Mark of the Ninja Remastered is coming to the handheld, home console hybrid in Fall 2018. Stealth your way to victory over your enemies by traversing 2D levels in this HD remaster from Klei Entertainment.

Fantasy Strike from Sirlin Games is a fantasy meets martial arts fighting game in which anything can become a weapon. It features local and online multiplayer and will release Summer 2018.

Just Shapes & Beats is Berserk Studios upcoming bullet hell game. Deadly shapes are set to funky beats that players need to navigate carefully. It launches on Nintendo Switch, this summer.

Garage is a brand new game from tinyBuild that will be launching exclusively for the Switch on May 20th. The top down shooter is inspired by the gory VHS era of B-movies.

Adult Swim Games and Rekim brings Pool Panic to the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2018. The cartoon game of pool will place players in levels ranging from cities to deserts. With more than 100 levels to play through, go it alone or join up with friends in local multiplayer.

Bomb Chicken is a chicken platformer that requires players to lay bombs in order to defeat enemies or make your way through levels. It comes to the Switch first in summer 2018.

Lumines Remastered is an HD remake of the puzzle game from enhanced games. Play solo with a friend in local multiplayer and go up against the puzzles placed in your path. Expect to play it in Spring 2018.

In Reigns: Kings and Queens, you are a monarch of the modern age. Face neverending requests from allies and enemies, your choices mean everything and will be the difference in glory or failure. It comes this Spring and features local co-op.

Light Fall is coming in Spring 2018 and is a platforming adventure game in which players are taken to the forgotten world of Numbra. Uncover the past and hopefully save the inhabitants of the world in the process. Speed-run mode will be added to the game for those competitive gamers out there.

West Of Loathing from Asymmetric is a stick figure western RPG. That’s right, it features turn-based combat, lots of hilarity and plenty of quests. It releases on the Swithc as a console exclusive in Spring 2018.

Pode is a co-op exploration puzzle game from Henchmen & Goon. Inspired by Norwegian art and culture which results in a stunning story environment. It can be played solo but recommended to play co-op. It launches this Spring on Switch.

The Messenger is a stunning platformer that allows gamers to transport between an 8-Bit platformer and a 16-bit adventure world through time-travel. It release Summer 2018 on Switch and comes from Sabotage and Devolver Digital.

Bad North from Plausible Concept and Raw Fury puts you against the viking horde whilst you seek to arm your troops, protect your citizens and inspire loyalty. When a captain falls, he is gone for good, so play smart. It releases in Summer 2018.

The Banner Saga 3 is heading to Nintendo Switch. The epic conclusion to stoic’s award winning trilogy releases Summer 2018. The mature story based role-playing game will be joined by it’s predecessors The Banner Saga and The Banner Saga 2 on the hybrid console. Both the first and second games are coming soon, with save files carrying over.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.