Imagine that Rainbow Six: Siege, F.E.A.R and XIII had a baby – you’d get RICO.

RICO is a co-op first person shooter developed by Ground Shatter and published by Rising Star Games that focuses on the bullet-time carnage of old. As mentioned above, it’s those slow-mo scenes in the trailer that reminded me so much of F.E.A.R, the graphical art style, cel shading feels oh so familiar of XIII and the fact that it’s all about cops busting down doors to take out the bad guys like Rainbow Six: Siege.

RICO claims to evolve as you get better, throwing new enemies with better firepower at you while you unlock new weapons, abilities and cases/missions. Each individual case will contain multiple missions and you’ll have 24 hours to solve that case before you can begin the next.

The game has been shown about a while now but it’s celebrating the fact that it now has a publisher with this epic Trailer here. Release is planed for later this year and I can’t bloody wait!

Published by Michael Jones.