Cedar Games is an independent development studio based in Cologne, they have just announced their debut titles Z-Alert which is described as a highly-customisable 2D survival-sim role-playing game that will be available on PC and Mac.

It will combine the base-building ideas of games like Fallout Shelter along with the tactical combat seen in X-COM. Players will scavenge the environment to find resources, craft items, build their shelter and recruit companions in a mission of survival against the undead masses.

“We’re extremely happy to finally lift the lid on Z-Alert” said John Nash, Lead Designer at Cedar Games, “our mix of survival RPG and simulation is a pretty special one. What we’ve been able to show today is just the tip of the pickaxe and I can’t wait to reveal more information in the coming months.”

So keep an eye out for Z-Alert in the near future and let us know what you think if the upcoming game.

Written by Rhys Baldwin.