Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the next game in the Scribblenauts franchise. Scribblenauts Showdown is the upcoming next instalment in a series that highlights both puzzle and action. It will be available on March 9th for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

“Scribblenauts Showdown delivers imaginative fun and the humour that Scribblenauts fans love with new social elements to challenge friends and family,” said Steven Chiang, Executive Vice President, Production, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Players of all skill levels will enjoy testing their creativity in the fast-paced, head-to-head party style gameplay.” 


In Showdown mode, up to four players will go against each other and imagine their way to victory through card-based strategy and creative skill. “Wordy” and “Speedy” are both mini-games you will jump into. The former, requires players to unleash the best object or character from the Scribblenauts dictionary to outsmart an opponent, whilst “Speedy” is an action-oriented game that forces players to complete a challenge, whoever does so first, wins.

The sandbox mode which allow one to two players to solve puzzles in eight new levels by summoning objects and earn hidden Starites. Not only that but of course you will be able to let your imagination run wild to think of whatever object possible and see how they fare in the Scribblenauts world.

Versus mode pits two players head to head in more than 25 mini-games that will vary in each session. These mini-games can also be enjoyed solo.

If all that wasn’t enough then how about being able to choose or design your own original Scribblenaut to represent you throughout the game. These can be customised with unique clothing and accessories by earning Starites and completing achievements.

Written by Rhys Baldwin.

(News Courtesy of WB Games)