Set in the world of Party Hard, in which you play the role of a mass murdering/dance loving nutter, Party Hard Tycoon is a spin-off party management sim akin to Theme Hospital of old. You are tasked with hosting the most banging party possible and climbing the ladder via social success. But beware – the Slasher May turn up at your party. Yay…

The problem for me is clubs are not my thing, I’ve always felt weird dancing and the truth of it is that nightclubs are just hunting-grounds for companionship. I’m not antisocial, there are just a few factors I’m not keen on. I rarely like the music, nowhere to sit, usually overcrowded to the point where you can’t walk but have to push through crowds and the booze is overpriced and more alike to some sort of cattle urine.

Safe to say it’s not my scene, but a management sim …now that is my forte.

You kick things of as a fledgling party producer taken under the wing of a more established (pretentious mare with better things to do) producer. It’s unclear why she would help you, being her competition and all. Yet she the tutorial, through text messages presented as of on a PDA. She’ll explain a few things and then give you an objective, like setting up a light show or making sure at least 10 people show up to your party, she’ll reward you with cash and extra partygoers if you achieve.

Do this! I mean it, because nothing is explained. If you choose to scrap her help then mechanics will not be easily grasped and very few tool tips will come in way of assistance. Even with the tutorial it’s not entirely bloody clear.

Just like other tycoon games, your end-goal is to throw bigger parties, attract bigger numbers and make more dosh/smackaroonies. You start with only a couple of usable venues and gain access to more as you progress. As you grow in social status you also gain the ability to host higher-grade parties, which means more resources and money to spend. Running on two major mechanics: social media likes and hype. Likes are what you’d expect. The more banging your shindig is, the more likes you’ll garner, which acts as a multiplier for how many people will turn up at your future events.

Hype. You build it by placing props and equipment as well as hiring party staff who add to the hype. Not enough hype and people will leave. Word will spread on social media, no one else will come, and you’ll be vastly out of pocket.

Events are randomized. You’ll unlock venue themes, send your security after some uppity self important icons. Receive texts from often oddball characters asking extra work of you, all providing a little variation cycle. The music is stellar, love has gone into the soundtrack.

Find that sweet spot, the right amount of expenditure for your venue, marketing, entertainment, goods, and personnel. Success will grant you a hit on the top of the hype meter. That’s when the proverbial mic ‘drops’.

You’re not going to be the god of all parties from the get go. You have to start small and build up your club scene empire. It took me a fair few restarts before I was at the point where I wasn’t losing money and making it instead. It’s all trial-and-error and it’s okay if you lose out on a few gigs, yet bankruptcy is a no go.

Spend the minimum needed at the start – a beer keg, speakers for every room, some seating …no need for staff so early on. As you grow more popular and hashtag friendly you can pimp your venues out with posh decoration, unlock access to more expensive venues, become the only name in town when people think party.

As it’s early access, it’s expected to be an unfinished product and as such there’s something lacking. When you’ve worked out what guarantees success, you just rinse-repeat.

With Early Access games, it’s important to keep an eye on store page for updates, fixes and improvements, the devs are listening to feedback as they did with the Party Hard games.

Written by Michael Jones.

Party Hard Tycoon (PC)
Developer: Pinokl Games
Publisher: tinyBuild Games
Released: October 19, 2017 (Early Access)
Steam price: £6.99

(Disclaimer: CONQUEST received a preview copy of Party Hard Tycoon on Steam, however this does not in any way affect the scoring of a game or our thoughts on the game itself. We believe in total honesty and being transparent with you.)