To accompany upcoming pirate-fest adventure game ‘Sea of Thieves’, Microsoft have announced a sexy new Xbox One controller in a deep purple with a bright green glow-in-the-dark spattering over the top – reminiscent of the ghostly buggers from a certain pirate movie franchise. The controller will be available as of next month.

Described as a “translucent design” (I’m hoping this means you only see the green when it’s in the dark) and “laser-etched barnacles” that have been …lasered on (genuine English), the right trigger is also made of gold! (Metallic gold finish, if you’re wondering).

The front has a glow in the dark skull wearing an eyepatch below the typical ‘X’ branded home button, embracing the nautical theme by dressing up the left control stick as a compass and if that wasn’t enough, a Sea-horse-unicorn-cross-bones design on the rear, where the battery pack would sit.

Avast! Shiver some timbers! Grog the decks …an whatnot.

Written by Michael Jones.