Two new features are debuting in WWE 2K18, MyPLAYER and ROAD TO GLORY. The team at 2K wanted to create a brand new experience for the franchise that focuses on player choice and progression.


Players will create their MyPLAYER character which can then be used for both the story mode MyCAREER and ROAD TO GLORY. The MyPLAYER is an upgradable character that will get better with the player’s progression through both the before-mentioned modes. The MyPLAYER home page features options to jump into the MyCAREER and ROAD TO GLORY but also allows you to upgrade your character and to edit their appearance.

The MyPLAYER WIZARD is how you create your character, you go through the typical creation sections, Basic Info, Appearance, Height, Attire and more. Compared to the creation suite in general, MyPLAYER WIZARD limits the number of options available and you can further customize your MyPLAYER later on.


Fighting Styles are included that forces players to choose a style that best represents what they like. Each style will excel in certain attributes compared to others. The High Flyer of course will be better in Agility and Speed whereas the Giant will boast higher Power and Toughness.

There are 10 attributes: Striking, Grappling, Power, Toughness, Technique, Reversals, Athleticism, Speed, Stamina and then Promo which is just used in MyCAREER.


Skills and abilities are locked from the start but some will be unlocked from the get go dependent on your choice of fighting style. The High Flyer will unlock Top Rope Diver and Springboard Diver and the Brawler will get Comeback and Remove the Turnbuckle etc.

In WWE 2K18 you will be able to unlock hundreds of moves and parts to customize your character. These can be earned through typical progression or obtained through loot cases. Once items are unlocked you can then purchase them with VC, a currency typically used in the 2K Sports games.


ROAD TO GLORY is the new online experience where MyPLAYERS will battle against each other. Players can compete daily with the hopes to gain stars, boosts and more. The rewards for regular interaction would be securing entry into the ‘digital’ pay-per-view events and going against the WWE Superstars, victory in these will earn you special rewards.

TONIGHT’S EVENT is a daily match event that cycles every 24 hours and features different match types. Not only the match type cycles but the arena will as well.


Boosts are introduced in ROAD TO GLORY, five of which can be active in a single match and will provide enhancements for the MyPLAYER. BOOSTS can increase stats or even reward addition XP at the end of the match.

There are six Ranks with fifty levels in each: Prospect, Rookie, Superstar, Main Eventer, Living Legend and Hall of Famer. Each level you will earn loot cases, attribute points and additional slots for boosts.


The mode parallels the real-world WWE PPV Schedule. You can qualify for entry in any upcoming PPV by earning the required amount of stars. You can however buy your way into the events if your running low on stars.

The Main Event is the goal, to compete against WWE Superstars who are featured in the real-world PPV counterpart. To get into the Main Event there are challenges that you need to complete that range from putting your opponent through the announcer’s table to winning a match in under two minutes. Succeed in the main event and earn an exclusive Superstar Part themed to the PPV events.

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Written by Rhys Baldwin.

(News Courtesy of 2K)