He’s back, in black – well I don’t think he changes his clothes at all really, ol’ tentacle face must have a right wiff. This week he hiding out in a dark crevice (ooo-er) at the northern tip of Giants Scar, on the planet IO.

Destiny 2_20170929110038

At least he’s got some Exotic goodness to sell to make up for the fact that he positions himself downwind. This week he has my favourite weapon in the game – along with a bit of armour for each class – The Riskrunner.

Take a peek below:

  • Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves – Exotic Hunter Gauntlets
  • Riskrunner – Exotic submachine gun
  • Hallowfire Heart – Exotic Titan chest armour
  • Transversive Steps – Exotic Warlock boots

See ya next week.

Written by Michael Jones.