Star Wars Battlefront II will be released November 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

EA have detailed what will be available at launch for Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer section. There will be five modes and eleven maps for players to jump into.


Starfighter Assault will pit two teams against each other in a multi-stage objective based space battle. Players can except to pilot fighters, bombers, interceptors and of course those special hero ships. Strike is an eight versus eight, objective based battle.

Hero Vs. Villains returns and will see players once again become some of their favourite characters from the Star Wars universe in a good vs. evil affair. Galactic Assault is an objective based fight that features two teams of twenty players.

Arcade mode is playable in both single-player or split-screen multiplayer. Players will fight against the AI in a variety of scenarios.


Maps included span all Star Wars main series films with:-

  • Theed (Episode I)
  • Kamino (Episode II)
  • Kashyyyk (Episode III)
  • Yavin 4 (Episode IV)
  • Mos Eisley (Episode IV)
  • Hoth (Episode V)
  • Endor (Episode VI)
  • Death Star II (Episode VI)
  • Starkiller Base (Episode VII)
  • Jakku (Episode VII)
  • Takodana (Episode VII)


The Battlefront II beta will feature Starfighter Assault and Galactic Assault and will be available October 6th until the 9th, if you pre-order you can expect to jump in on October 4th.