You know me, I do love my entertainment…movies, books, games, TV shows – you get the message. I am a gamer in heart and mind.

Now here is one of the very few times you will see me complain about games, specifically a genre that has spawned countless so called “sub-genres” which are smothering the greatest gaming platform/delivery system known to Man – Steam.

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Since Steam’s conception I have been an avid user and couldn’t spread more positivity over the platform without getting paid for it over the years. That said Steam (Valve) have made a few mistakes in their time – the paid for Skyrim mods and Greenlight to name a couple – they have usually worked it out with the community soon after. Greenlight in particular is responsible for my current grief, or at least the after effects of Greenlight’s removal.

You see, Greenlight was intended to be the aspiring indie developers wetdream. Offering them the largest market in which to launch their career by submitting their game to the Greenlight program, in which it would eventually be curated by the community at large. There have been some fantastic gems to have popped up from this program in its brief life-cycle – Some of my favourites include Project Zomboid, Broforce, Miasmata, No Time To Explain and Incredipede – but there was a silly amount of half-thought, half-working, half-finished tripe on there too. Some were clearly stolen elements/assets or blatant cash grabbing.


All in all, we are richer for Greenlight’s semi-success, it’s down-fallings are part of how the industry evolves, you have to make mistakes to learn from them and its nearly sad – not ACTUALLY sad… just… NEARLY sad – that Greenlight had been completely halted back in June this year, replaced by Steam Direct which is far more regulated to cut the wheat from the red barrels.

The reason we ram a slice of lemon in our mouths after a shot of tequila is to get rid of that stretched toad-face inducing aftertaste. The current state of Steam needs a the mother of all lemons, an I’m not talking about Kim Jong. The Greenlight aftertaste is real, It opened up a new door that has yet to be shut even just a little and I cannot blame the developers that are creating actual games and unique experiences coming through this door.

Its time to start giving us more control over our Steam Store filters or start regulating to a higher standard, because every time, EVERY single time I open up Steam I am assaulted, bombarded even, by anime/manga boobies.


Now don’t get me wrong, I love the boobies as much as any healthy man should but there is a hefty amount of content on steam depicting young Asian women, with no doubt severe spinal injury sized breasts for the sake of…breasts. Games that are nothing but an interactive soft-core manga porn novel. Some are voiced but most are text based with next to no animation other than an equivalent turn of a page.

They range for dating simulators to alien tentacle rape simulators…Seriously, and most of the young ladies are still at school during their story or exploitation. There are genuinely great games there but they carry along this kind of rubbish along for the ride.


Tasteless, tactless, filled with compromising shots of up-skirts and down cleavage…all aimed at the stereotypes. To the impressionable this could encourage them to go out and illegally take photos up said skirts. This is my opinion, true, and everyone is entitled to their own which could conflict with my own but that’s OK.

It is just my feeling that this rubbish is not doing gaming any favours, its a seedy underbelly which we need to get away from, to get past it. Steam is suffering for it and the true games are being missed on due to the genre curation lacking any serious strength. It was only recently that Steam were forced to remove a few games due to the mature content passing over a threshold.

I’m getting tired of clicking that little grey arrow box and selecting “Not Interested” on 50% of my store page. Just look at the cropped image below “Due to my recent play time in FPS games”….REALLY? my recent stint on “Subnautica” or “PUBG” led you to believe that “Karakara” would be right up my alley? Yeah…yeah I can see how a lot of young people might do some “shooting” while playing that. If that’s what tickles your pickle.


End of rant I suppose, I really do hope that many feel the same way. I’m not adverse to some nudity or skimpy clothing within a game, as long as it is a game. Not boobies for the sake of boobies, Steam is not a porn distribution platform, It’s a gaming platform… for gamers, by gamers.

Love Games.

Written by Michael Jones.