So with the raid out, a few people have apparently reached power level 350 and Xur has come to join the party.

Xur is currently on Nessus, as on the original Destiny you will find that Xur will move about. Right now, he is on a tree at the north end of Watcher’s Grave on Nessus and he has four goodies up for grabs.

Sadly, of the four items, three are armor pieces most people have due to them being rewarded in game during the story progression and the fourth is a fusion rifle which most will skip. The true benefit is that there power level is 270 a nice way to boost your self up with at least two items on the road to raid ready.

Here are the items, roughly shot I know. But I was just so excited to see Xur show up!

Have fun peeps!

Written by Michael Jones (Gryffudd).