The Nintendo Nindies Summer Showcase aired earlier today and brought with it a slew of announcements and release dates/windows.

Super Meat Boy Forever is the sequel to the beloved Super Meat Boy and will be heading to Nintendo Switch first in 2018. Dr. Fetus has kidnapped Nugget the child of Meat Boy and Bandage Girl, this of course sparks Meat Boy’s quest for justice.

The latest journey into Shovel Knight is coming early 2018 in the form of King Of Cards. Jump into four new worlds with over 30 new courses to defeat the three kings. Complete with new armours, weapons and abilities. You can also compete in card battles against various foes.


Mom Hid My Game is coming later this year with exclusive stages on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Find your handheld gaming device which has been hidden by the evil mother.

Golf Story is a golfing RPG coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in September. Play as a golfer who has been forced to give everything up for one final shot at accomplishing his dream. Features traditional golf, mini golf, disc gold and drones.

Floor Kids is a rhythm action game in which you bust a move with the hopes of building up your squad of break dancers. The title lands in the Holiday of 2017.

Wulver Blade is a beat ’em up title launching first on Switch this September. Eight levels to fight your way through as the protagonist Caradoc. Jump into Britannia and take on the Romans.


Poly Bridge, the bridge-building simulator heads to the Switch as a console exclusive later this year. Featuring hundreds of levels and puzzles to play and create.

Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition lands as a console exclusive on the Switch in Early 2018. Including the debut of the fifth and final act of the series. Your an antique furniture delivery man tries to make a delivery but gets lost along the way.

Earth Atlantis is a side-scrolling shooter which looks to not only be a blast from the past but look towards the future. Coming fall 2017.

Next Up Hero is a community driven online action game where everybody dies, when you die that character becomes an echo which can be revived by the next character to become an AI companion. It releases early 2018.


SteamWorld Dig 2 gets it release date and it’s a lot sooner than anticipated, September 21st is when players get their hands on the anticipated game.

Mulaka releases early 2018 and will come with exclusive features on the Switch. It’s a 3D adventure game that’s inspired by the Tarahumara’s Sierra.

Yono and the Celestial Elephants sees you take control of Yono in a puzzle-adventure game coming October 21st as a console exclusive on the Switch.

Dragon Marked For Death is the side-scrolling action RPG playable on your own or with a party of three. 30 enormous quests seek to provide hours of playtime, the game releases this winter.


Battle Chef Brigade will launch first on Switch this holiday, the game sees you hunt for ingredients with the prospect of turning them into tasty dishes.

Morphies Law is a 4v4 multiplayer shooter in which you steal mass from other players to increase your own. The goal is to have your team’s avatar become the biggest. It’s on the Switch as a console exclusive in winter 2017.

Sausage Sports Club arrives first on the Nintendo Switch this fall. It’s a party style game in which you play as animals competing on a reality TV show. Play with up to seven others in free-play or jump into the adventure mode.

Light Fingers is a turn-based multiplayer board game, featuring procedurally generated boards ensuring you never face the same battle twice. Launching first on Nintendo Switch early 2018.


Nine Parchments is a dungeon crawler you can play with up to three of your friends and will be playable by all in holiday 2017.

The final title packed one hell of a punch, No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again releases 2018 and is set seven years after No More Heroes. The Bat returns and looks to get revenge on Travis for the death of his daughter. It’s a partnership between Grasshopper Manufacture and some select indie developers. Throughout the adventure you jump into six different games and beat the bosses of each game.