Set in a world where the events from every single 80’s action film ever made actually happened to one unlucky hero, John Strong. Join forces with up to three friends get to blast, shoot and knife your way through endless procedurally generated levels in the ultimate true story behind all those amazing movies!

Imagine that The A Team, Rambo and John Matrix (Arnie in Commando) all had a love affair. Now add into that some retro visuals, some cheesy dialogue, over the top characters, an xbox controller and a bandana…time to pity that fool eh.


Tango Fiesta is an action packed, top-down, cooperative, two-stick, shooter for 1 to 4 players. Set in a world where the 80’s never ended you pick one of six elite, best of the best commando types to takedown every cheese ball the 80’s could provide. Each with varying stats running and gunning through procedurally generated environments.


Story mode is genius,  presented as a ‘recalling’ or your past by watching VHS tapes, during these tape your get to the wet work. But if you want to get down to it straight away there’s also a more action orientated arcade mode that pits you in the same levels, but generated in a random order.

Selecting your loadout, two guns and a throwable such as grenades just start because as you complete your missions and dispatch countless nameless drones you are rewarded with cash, in which you can spend in the gun store to unlock more powerful and comedic weapons.


Gameplay is a classic take on the ol 8-bit style top down view with pixellated graphics that match games of the era. Controls are relatively simple, the left stick gets you moving and the right stick aims your weapon, often the frame rate suffered when a heavy amount of activity is going on. True to fashion, you are only able to move in 8 directions giving you more of that arcade shooter feeling.


Each mission is about completing objectives – destroy a base, it’s always blow something up – or activate something…then take out the boss. This is where the boredom sets in, yes its all poops and giggles but after your third round of the same it begins to taste rather bland. The AI of the generic grunts or bosses leaves much to be desired, with little to no movement unless it’s directly at you. Their main hope is that sheer numbers will overcome you.


Tango Fiesta is gratuitously more fun with friends, four player co-op is a standout here. Good ol fashioned sharing a sofa local co-op only though…no online multiplayer here. Eye candy is clearly not the goal here but the graphics are by no means rubbish, yet I feel it’s still fails to capture that vibe of the 80’s. Yet another retro top-downer in a swath of games in recent memory all doing the same thing. If you’re a glutton for repetition Tango Fiesta may just be for you but I see very little reason to jump back into the throng… Hasta la vista…pal.


STORY: 4/10
SOUND: 3/10

The long story short is that Tango Fiesta doesn’t really feel like a stand-alone game. It feels like it should be a mini-game within another established shooter, much like Call of Duty: Black Ops did a few years ago. It fails to inspire and deliver anything past a good 60 minutes, extended briefly by some co-op. I guess, I wont Be Back.

Tango Fiesta is available to purchase now from the Xbox Store, priced £7.99.

OVERALL: 4.4/10 – Bad

Reviewed by Michael Jones.

(Disclaimer: CONQUEST received a review copy of Tango Fiesta on Xbox One, however this does not in any way affect the scoring of a game or our thoughts on the game itself. We believe in total honesty and being transparent with you.)