Atari has pulled back the curtain ever so slightly on the Ataribox. The new console’s look is first up in what looks to be a series of different reveals that will take place in the coming months and maybe longer.


The box contains “modern internal specs” which allows for not only “classic content” to feature on the system but “current gaming content” as well. Nothing more was mentioned in terms of content but will likely be detailed in a later update.


The design is a throwback to the classic Atari console, some may instantly recognise the wood finish on the front of the one design, the ribbed lines and raised back of course also making a return. Two editions are to be released giving you the option of either the wood edition or the black/red edition. The front of the latter edition is a glass panel finish.


The console also features the front facing Atari logo, indicator lights that will glow through the material on the front and features a HDMI Port, 4x USB Ports and SD Card slot.

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