A new trailer has arrived, announcing the next assault map coming to Overwatch, Horizon Lunar Colony.

The new map will take players to the moon. The first capture point will feature high ground options that can benefit both the attacking and defending players. Better for the defending players but heroes such as Widowmaker and Hanzo could make great use of these areas. The latter point will have a ‘unique’ high ground approach for defenders. The second point will also have a number of low-ground and flanking options.

Also in Horizon Lunar Colony there will be low gravity area’s particularly in flanking routes. They have tested low gravity on the entire map but felt it would turn the map into a gimmick and take away from the competitive aspects. Upon release, an arcade card will be added that will enable low gravity on all maps, so players can still experience this. Gravity options will be added to custom games too. [NOTE: Information Paraphrased from Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch Game Director]