E3 is fast approaching, just a over 4 weeks away and we have a better idea now of the schedule for the main press conferences.

For those who don’t know the press conferences are where the big guns are usually brought out for each platform and publisher, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will each have their own conferences or digital event and then publishers EA, Ubisoft and as of late Bethesda also taking to the stage. New games are announced, worldwide reveal’s, trailer’s, gameplay footage and even hardware unveiling’s all taking place at E3.

The current schedule for E3 2017 Press Conferences in UK time:-

EA Press Conference – Saturday, 10th June – 20:00PM
Microsoft Press Conference – Sunday, 11th June – 22:00PM
Bethesda Press Conference – Monday, 12th June – 3:00AM
PC Gaming Show – Monday, 12th June – 18:00PM
Ubisoft Press Conference – Monday, 12th June – 21:00PM
PlayStation Press Conference – Tuesday, 13th June – 2:00AM
Nintendo Spotlight (Digital Event) – Tuesday, 13th June – 17:00PM

Devolver Digital Press Conference – TBA – TBA

Keep an eye out here for any schedule updates.