Wartile, on early access is best described as Harry Potter chess meets Tabletop Simulator. We quickly run through the basics of movement, combat and how positions of advantage work, which is absolutely vital to success, more than you may at first realise.

Movement is very easy to grasp – visually it looks exactly like moving inch high models in some tabletop board games – with each model being able to move a set number of hexagons before needing to rest for a short period. Further adding the feeling of a living board game, this is further enhanced by the maps resembling an actual table edge but don’t make the mistake of assuming this a typical turn-based battle. No, it’s more of a hybrid with real-time as well.


Your figurines used in each scenario can be customized. New weapons, new armour and battle cards looted from treasure chests placed in each map, often in areas of disadvantage. Each newly acquired piece of equipment increases specific attributes such as the ‘Iron Helmet’ resulting in an increase to the armour value of that specific figurine.


The scenarios escalate in difficulty following a Nordic mythos as the narrative…rushing a Viking castle dungeon in order to steal the “Voice of the Gods” for example. Your battle cards – arranged in your deck – swap in or out before each scenario to take a vital role in your success, the ‘Heal’ card for example may be used on an injured ally but at the cost of ‘Battle Points’ accumulated by defeating your enemies…bathing in their blood! Eating their HEARTS! ENSLAVING THIER SOULS! …..moving on.

Before each scenario you select which figurines you take into battle! YAHRRR! …This is done simply by placing each model onto your longboat, very easy to navigate and allows for total control of which you take into each endeavour.


Many battle cards carry specific advantages, using these in the correct situations can be all the difference between falling in battle and finding yourself in the Halls of Valhala or drinking from the skulls of your vanquished enemies! MWAHAHAH!

The variety in your cards will grow as you complete each scenario breaking any sense of monotony and refreshing your strategies helping you out in situations of dire need. It also allows you to return to earlier fought battles with a new approach.


The current build does not feature any multi-player, yet the Menu Option is clearly there… unelectable right now but it has been confirmed and will be added at a later stage.

Graphically unique, showing off some great bokah effects and animation, the figurines themselves are beautiful. The overall feel of Wartile is very promising, yet may stagnate without regular content drops as updates.

Great amounts of enjoyment are to be had peeling back the layers of this deceptively tactical title. Spending time selecting your squad, equipment and cards for each outing is a game in itself. Wartile looks to be an ambitious game which may turn out to be tremendously fun and even in its current build still provides a satisfying change in pace for real-time strategy and turn-based enthusiasts alike.

At Conquest we feel it unjust to score a game in this stage of development but from what we’ve seen so far….we can’t bloody wait!

Ragnar! Watch your back!


All opinions and reviews of this game are based on the current build.

(Disclaimer: CONQUEST received a review copy of Wartile on steam early access however this does not in anyway affect the scoring of a game or our thoughts on the game itself. We believe in total honesty and being transparent with you.)